What I have been doing

2017-03-31 01:55:18 by JacksonTime

Hello folks! Lately I have been busy working on a myriad of projects. I have been hired to compose music for two films, and a video game. I have spent the last several months working on all of these projects. Anyway, here is a preview of one of the pieces of music for the video game I'm scoring.


One Way Soundtrack

2015-11-21 15:43:10 by JacksonTime

Also, the "One Way" soundtrack is available for free download on bandcamp.

<a href="http://untergrond.bandcamp.com/album/one-way-soundtrack-vol-1">One Way Soundtrack [VOL. 1] by Jackson Begley</a>


It's here!

2015-11-19 10:51:10 by JacksonTime

For the past two or three months I have been working on music for a video game called "One Way" by Karsys. Now since the NG version of the game is public, my soundtrack is also public


Enjoy everyone, and I hope you all find enjoyment in the music I wrote here,



2015-10-21 01:15:38 by JacksonTime

I've been doing some mixing/remixing and mastering for the past week, and came out with this


My latest EP, "Basement Session" Hope you all enjoy :)


2015-03-27 00:35:33 by JacksonTime

My symphonic composition "A Victorious Defeat" is currently topping weekly chart, and I couldn't be more pleased!

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to each and every person who took the time to listen. It really does mean a lot, and I worked very hard on it.. I guess all that work paid off. Now I've got to get back to writing more music. Seeya round everybody :)

New Album

2014-07-24 16:06:18 by JacksonTime

For the past 9 or 10 months I have been working on this album, writing, recording, mixing and mastering etc.... It has finally been released.http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/c9372f8a4b0813108246c279511e31ef

Hope you all enjoy it. Now I gotta start working on the next one. Lol.