Runner Up General Rock Song
Don't Matter General Rock Song
The Universe Hates Me General Rock Song
Theme From "Shoot" Cinematic Song
Lightsaber Escapades (From "The Gift Of Star Wars") Cinematic Song
The Five Stages Of Grief Classical Song
The Prelude To Chaos Classical Song
The Bloodstained March Classical Song
Sickeningly Sweet Miscellaneous Song
Tantibus Overture (Redone) Classical Song
Academic Armageddon Classical Song
Conspiracy (Treachery Mutiny) General Rock Song
Escape Cinematic Song
A Musical Tribute To Majora's Mask Cinematic Song
Bolero Of Malevolence Classical Song
Overture For Orchestra In B Major Classical Song
For He Who Wins The Battle Classical Song
A Demon's Pursuit Classical Song
Going Under [NEW VERSION] Indie Song
Day After Day (After Day) Indie Song
Tears (In My Eyes) Indie Song
Don't Want You Back [EP VERSION] Indie Song
Never Make Me Understand Indie Song
Break These Chains Indie Song
Imperial Navy VS Rebel Forces Cinematic Song
Stagger Lee (Lloyd Price Cover) Classic Rock Song
A Musical Tribute To Thomas & Friends Cinematic Song
Unrestful Slumber Classical Song
Giving Up Indie Song
The Hero Returns Classical Song
Wake Up General Rock Song
Here She Come Indie Song
Love The Night (Nocturne) Indie Song
Evergrowing Discord Classical Song
Overstayed Your Welcome (Polished Version) Classic Rock Song
Theme From "One Way" Video Game Song
O'er The Plain Planes (Full Arrangement) Video Game Song
The Ol' Wishing Well Ambient Song
Suspense And Danger Cinematic Song
Fire And Brimstone Cinematic Song
Beast O'The Well Cinematic Song
Victory Anthem Classical Song
Theme From "One Way" (Symphonic) Classical Song
O'er The Plain Planes (Buildup Mix) Video Game Song
End Theme From "One Way" Classical Song
Forbidden Fruit Classical Song
Don't Want You Back Indie Song
(You Have) Overstayed Your Welcome Classic Rock Song
Confrontation/Police Chase Cinematic Song
End Of The Line General Rock Song
The Regatta March (Updated Version) Classical Song
Shake Rattle And Roll- Flip Flop And Fly (Cover-Medley) Classic Rock Song
Changing Of The Times Classical Song
Something Tells Me (Revised Version) Indie Song
The Regatta March Classical Song
Sleepwalk/Oh Donna (Cover/Medley) General Rock Song
Something Tells Me Indie Song
You Can't Say That Indie Song
The Rising Tide Classical Song
Come And Go (Years) Indie Song
Pursuit over Forester Bridge Cinematic Song
Overture for Business as Usual Cinematic Song
March of the free ones Classical Song
A Victorious Defeat Cinematic Song
Omnipotent Forces General Rock Song
The Chopping Block Indie Song
Keep It Dark Indie Song
Her Indie Song
Huffin And Puffin Indie Song
Going Under Indie Song
Requiem Bell Indie Song
Heart On The Ground Indie Song
Take The Fall Indie Song
Why (My Oh My) Indie Song

2014 Submissions

Give It Indie Song
(Did The World Not) Weep General Rock Song
Desperate Indie Song
One Of Us Indie Song
Oedipus Blues Indie Song
Surrender (Misery) Indie Song
Freedom March- Eulogy Indie Song
At The End General Rock Song
Sly Mister Lie Indie Song
Jack The Ripper (Lunch Time) Indie Song
(Just The) Two Of Us General Rock Song
Lightning (FEAT. Allie) General Rock Song
My Intent General Rock Song
Your Mind General Rock Song
Arms Race General Rock Song
The Ballad Of A.F.D General Rock Song
Play On General Rock Song
Driven General Rock Song
Desolation General Rock Song
Aimlessly Wandering General Rock Song
Right on time General Rock Song
Long Long Ago Cinematic Song
Forgotten Dreams Indie Song
Back of your hand General Rock Song
Ticking Timebomb Indie Song
Main Theme Variations Cinematic Song
Flugschein Suite Cinematic Song
Goodnight For The Reaper Indie Song
Plague General Rock Song
Dont Be Cruel (Elvis Cover) General Rock Song
Fortress Score - Mvmnt 1 Cinematic Song
Zelda Orchestrated Medley Cinematic Song

2012 Submissions

Cras Non Vivo (We will die lat General Rock Song